November 19, 2009

This very hot (over 33 degrees celcius) Spring day is the first full day after I have completed my university degree.  I feel a bit numb and very twitchy.  Numb cause my assessment yesterday was a bit of an anticlimax.  I’m not sure what I was expecting – a lot more questions about my piece and my future.  More comments about my work in general and my progress over the years.  A slap on the back and/or a hearty handshake.  I didn’t get any of those things which has left me wondering if I did a good job; if they like it.  Or was I just so vague that they said all of those things but I just didn’t hear it.

Twitchy cause I’m not sure what to do and lying on the couch reading, which sounded blissfully during those monumentally hectic days of essays and kiln firings , now seems very indulgent and sinful.  So instead I’ve put on washing, and am blogging.  Okay I can do this.  I will send one email, check my facebook and then go back down stairs grab a drink and read.



September 24, 2009

I am so sorry for ignoring you and not writing but I am so very busy with Uni, a new house, stepchildren, my mum and a whole lot of friends that I am sad to say I also neglect.

Before I start again I will have to think long and hard what I want to include on this little blog; what I want to say and how I want it to look.

Please be patient because I will return.


June 5, 2009
My Little Persimmon Tree

My Little Persimmon Tree

Autumn Leaves

A little reminder that Autumn is here and half the year has already gone.  It’s been ages sinces I’ve had a chance to write and I miss it dreadfully.  Never thought I would ache for my little blog. 

The first half of the year has been a rocky one.  I thought my first semester at Uni was going to be structured a certain way and all that was turned on it’s head which sent me into a quiet flap.  This mood then infiltrated all my work which means that I don’t have much to show for my assessment.

Hang on, this is art and you can’t create for marks.  Sometimes things just don’t flow they ‘kangaroo jump’ along until you find your mojo.  In a few weeks all my misgivings and mishapes will be placed on my desk ready for the scrutiny of my teachers.  It’s scary having people critique your emotions, no matter how kind they are, it’s still excruciating.  Strewn over the desk like the last act of a 12hr operation.  Guts chucked all over, blood – arrgh how melodramatic.  Stop now.

My little Persimmon tree reminds me that life is change and nothing is static.  Thank you my little leafless Buddha.


May 8, 2009

Winston Churchill described depression as ‘the black dog’ then I have ‘the grey dog’ known as melancholy.  For weeks I’ve been fighting of this feeling of sadness and finally I’ve decided to just give in and sit with it.  Yeah, I know I have Uni assignments due but in all honesty feeling life this I’ll probably be deleting most of what I have typed.  So rather than wasting time in front of the computer I am going to go and sit by my lounge window with my knitting.  I’m going to be very quiet and listen to what that little voice inside me is saying.

Have a good weekend.


May 1, 2009
My stand

My stand


Paddington Uniting Church

Paddington Uniting Church

Tracy Gumm, Irminsul Pty Ltd

Tracy Gumm, Irminsul Pty Ltd


Gymea Tafe Ceramics

Gymea Tafe Ceramics


Jessica Turner Designs

Jessica Turner Designs

Matthew Christie - The Quirkshop

Matthew Christie, The Quirkshop

Last week I had a little show at Paddington Uniting Church and it was fun.  The crowds weren’t what I expected but I did get to meet lots of cool designers like jewellery designers Flo from ‘I am Flo’  and Herdka (so sorry about the spelling, I forgot to get your business card) and graphic designer Brett from Pixsell Graphics.

It was comforting discussing  the trials and tribulations of  making a living in a creative industry.  It’s great to know that you aren’t alone and wondering how you’re going to pay the bills.  Most of all it was inspiring seeing all the innovative, gorgeous work that is produced in our tiny town of Sydney.  Go Australian Made With Passion.


April 20, 2009

It’s only April and this is my second exhibition.  I’m feeling very industrious and happily working away at my dream.  I have just put in 2 proposals for a major Sydney exhibition which I won’t mention cause I don’t want to jinx myself or have to explain to everyone why I didn’t get it.  I’d much rather announce the good news and surprise all and sundry.  Then if I don’t get it I can lick my wounds in private and get on with pursuing other paths.

Wednesday is the big day for ‘bumping in’ and opening night is on the same night which means that I will go from grotty jeans to glam jeans in one day.  Should be fun meeting other designers/artists and schmoozing the crowd.

If you are in Sydney would love to see you there.   Details for the exhibition are on


April 14, 2009

that have time to blog, run successful businesses, bake biscuits every Tuesday, design and make quilts that would easily cover an entire wall, look after kids and on top of all that have time to go for walks and do yoga?

What planet are you from and can you take me to your leader so that I can get me more than the current 24 hours at my disposal.  Stop it okay you’re making the rest of us look bad.

PS: Apologies for the lack of grammar, spelling and any other errors.  Frustration has no time for spelling.


April 13, 2009

The mind is like a wild animal; if it is not trained it can turn on you at any time.  This is a quote I remember from a meditation retreat I did years and years ago. 

At the moment one part of my mind is telling me that to do a certain something is too difficult and I should even bother.   Maybe next year, when I have more experience, more knowlege.  The smart part of my mind is saying, ‘Phooey, do it now you idiot.  You know you can, don’t be such a lazy slob.”  Pheeh, I’m not particularly enmoured with that part of my mind especially because it’s always right.

So I have mad a pact with the sensible me.  It is going to let me enjoy the rest of my Easter break and tomorrow I am going back into work, motivated mode and will be ready to go and conquer the world.  For today, a cup of coffee , time with my Chopsy, videos and knitting will be on the agenda.


March 23, 2009
My Studio

My Studio

I know it doesn’t look like that exciting, but this is where I’ve been spending most of my time and why I’ve neglected my poor little blog.  At the moment it doesn’t look like a hub of creativity; there are no artfully placed sketches (can’t draw) or cleverly excuted marquettes (too impatient for them) or exquisite little hints of greatness to come (boy, I’d love some of those).  Instead it’s rather dusty and barren and strewn with clay dust. 

What can I say – I like it.  Slowly over the year it will change as I bring things in and start sticking inspiration up on my wall but at the moment is looks more like the start of the race rather than the finish and that’s okay.  Because I like things to build up over time, for a feeling to accumulate so that at the end of the year you look around and can see where you started and finished.

So friends, sorry if you don’t hear from me as regularly as you’d like.  I have a exhibition starting in April and loads of Uni assignments  being dumped on me so this is where I will be spending most of my time.  But while I’m there I will be thinking of you all.  Chat soon.

PS: Stay tune for info on my exhibiton in April.  Hope to see lots of you there.


March 4, 2009

Whitney, I love your pottery and your studio.  You are living my dream.

First week back at Uni.  Stay tune for a sneak peek of some up&coming projects.